Updates – Resetting to factory defaults did not remove the malware issue on my ZTE zmax blade. What am I doing at this point?

Surveillanceware or another worm has chased my Android, Facebook, and email accounts. I can not scan with my Premium Plus Lookout account because the virus has disabled the Lookout feature and will not allow me to activate it. The Facebook app can be uninstalled, which I think is one of the infected apps. My phone was not equipped with pre-installed Facebook, now it is displayed as a system file. I reset the work and I still have problems. I'll be asked to reset my password on my Gmail & Facebook login page if I know I just reset it and enter it correctly. My photos have disappeared. Please help somebody. How do I fix my Android if my antivirus app can not even be activated? Looking at my apps list, I notice apps that I have not even installed, and I can not remove them. I started in Safe Mode and uninstalled Facebook. However, Facebook was not in the list, but when I run apps, Facebook runs. Will someone help me please?