Upgrade from CentOS

In my WHM, there is the following note:

On November 30, 2020, CentOS 6 will stop supporting CentOS 6 on all systems, including your server. At this point, CentOS will no longer provide error, security, or feature updates. We recommend migrating to a server with CentOS 7 before November 30, 2020. Information on the depreciation plan of cPanel Inc. will be announced.

Has anyone moved to a new server? If so, how long did it take (several hours, 24 hours, 48+ hours) and did you have to jump through many tires? What makes more sense to migrate to a new server or maybe just buy a new dedicated package (in my case from Hostgator) that already contains CentOS 7 and then cancel the old one? Finally: Does one of you only stay with CentOS 6 and will not be migrated at all? Any thoughts are appreciated.