UploadBank.com – Up to $4 / 1000 Downloads. Completely Free. | Proxies-free

Hi Wjunction users,

Earn money by sharing your files!
UploadBank is completely free and have no limits on downloads.
No premium accounts = more downloads.

Features of UploadBank.
Full Details here.

– Completely Free (No premium account)
– Super Fast download speed.
– No timer. No queues. No download limits.
– Simple, straightforward and clean design.
– Mobile device optimized.
– Adult content allowed!
– Upload up to 2GB per file
– Unlimited Storage

Make Money with UploadBank.
Full Details here.

– Up to US$4/1000 downloads
– Lowest tier rate is US$0.70/1000 downloads
– Incomplete downloads are counted
– Max 3 counts for same IP every 24 hours
– Bitcoin and Webmoney payout
– Minimum payout only $10

Our Rules Here.

1. Incomplete downloads are counted.
– As long as user complete CAPTCHA and click continue.
2. Max 3 counts for same IP every 24 hours.
3. File size must be more than 1MB.
4. Adult content are allowed!
5. Zoom Uploader is supported.
6. Adblocker are not allowed.
User will be shown a message to disable adblocker before accessing our website.
7. VPN / TOR / Proxy users are not allowed.
User will be shown a message to deactivate their proxy before accessing our website.
8. Earnings for files that are removed will still remain in your account balance.
9. Payouts are made via Bitcoin and Webmoney.
10. Minimum payout is $10.
11. Payout can take up to 14 days to be sent after requesting.
12. Files are deleted 30 days after no downloads for registered users.
15 days after no downloads for anonymous users.
13. We reserve the rights to modify the rules and rates of rewards program without prior
notice. Please keep yourself updated.

Any questions contact us by submitting a ticket here.

UploadBank has been online for more than 3 years. (Started 31 October 2016)
And have made every single requested payment since the start.
We are not a come and go file sharing, we are here for the long run.