uploads – How to allow Authors to access media library in WordPress?

I have a multi-user WordPress site and several users are assigned the Author role (I don’t want those users to give the Editor roles for some obvious reasons). The Authors can upload pictures but they can’t access the media library, and hence they can’t edit the caption of the uploaded image as a result. When they upload the image and click the ‘Pencil icon’ (i.e. the Edit button), they get a menu like this:

enter image description here

These authors can’t access media library, and hence captions can’t be updated for the uploaded pictures. I tried searching for this issue on the web, but wasn’t able to find any solution for the same.

Can the issue be resolved by adding some code at the backend? Or, is there some other way so as to grant authors the permission to access media library?

I will be grateful for any guidance in this regard.