uri – Url GET parametr ?page=n confict with Infinite Scroll Views module DRUPAL 9

I have one main view with pager where I actually using ?page=n(which cant be changed in my case) for navigate between main view using Pagerer module without Ajax. Underneath(with ajax) i got another view with Infinite Scrolling and everything works, when I’m on www.example.com. But when navigate between main content and manipulated url is www.example.com?page=1 Infinite Scrolling scrolls to second page of view, and for example i have seen 20-30 from 100(like normal pager should works) instead of having Infinite Scroll effect. How can I fight it and have a Infinite Scroll when url has ?page=n?

I’m using Drupal 9.1.10 and Views Infinite Scroll ‘8.x-1.8’