usa – Forced Physical Quarantine at US Southern Border?

I have to believe that USCIS has the facilities to physically quarantine someone if they had a real serious disease like the small pox, active TB, hemorrhagic fever, or bubonic plague.

But today we talk about quarantine in different terms.

Is any of type of quarantine today being physically forced by the government in response to covid-19?

i.e. they lock you in a USCIS cell for 2 weeks or USCIS-appointed motel room at the border? Or is it sufficient that we quarantine at home under our own control?

Question applies to in foot entering the US via land border with Mexico as of the end of January 2021.

US Citizen, and
Mexican Citizen Spouse with US Lawful Permanent Resident Card.

The purpose of travel is essential, returning a Mexican titled vehicle to Mexico. El Paso/Juarez is the crossing.