usa – I am traveling to germany

You write that you are 13 and that you have arranged a place. Under German law, your legal guardians have the right and duty to supervise your location in accordance with your age and maturity. They don’t have to watch a 13-year-old every minute, but they do have to know and agree with your plan.

  • As a German citizen, you need no visa. You do need a written permission from your guardians stating your identity, their identity and contact information, a copy of their identity documents, your itinerary and destination, the identity of any adults you’re traveling with.
  • Usually, something like this is arranged with a student exchange program, but that is not strictly necessary. Your guardians could arrange for your stay with other responsible adults.
  • The host family will need to register your residence with the municipal authorities.
  • You will probably be required to go to school. That will follow when you register your residence.