usability – eCommerce -> Should I continue to show a digital course already purchased in category page?

I am developing an online course website based on WordPress.

Website has 30 courses in total.

Courses are divided into 5 categories (A, B, C, D, E).

There are 6 courses per category.

Each course also has a fixed price.

So once a user purchase a course,
user can only purchase it once because it`s a digital course.

In addition, course status can be either “not started”, “in progress” or “done”.

Therefore, users can access their “membership area” and
see courses divided into the following 3 sections based on user activity:

  • “Not started” section shows all courses that user did not start yet.
  • “In progress” section shows all courses that are in progress.
  • “Done” section shows all courses that user already completed.

Here is my question:

Once user purchase a course,
should I continue showing this course in categories page OR
should I remove this course from categories page?

For example,
Category A has 6 courses.
User just purchased 5 courses in this category.
Should category A page show all 6 courses with 5 of them tagged as “purchased” OR
should category A page show only 1 course, the course which user did not purchase yet?