usability – Exposing dropdowns in nav bar

Our team is currently debating on which navbar layout they should go with. The main discussion point is whether we should expose dropdowns on the navbar.

These dropdowns are for selecting a customer and campaigns created under the customer. In the first layout, they are positioned next to navbar items.

Layout 1

layout #1

And we have another version that keeps customer/campaign selectors under the settings panel.

Layout 2

layout #2

Those who support the first proposal thinks that it is inconvenient to open the settings panel to check & change a current customer and campaign.

Those who support the second proposal think that the inconvenience from opening the settings panel is insignificant therefore keeping it under the settings panel for less visual clutter. Moreover, they support this idea because it is “safer” from various screen sizes as it ensures the adequate amount of spacing among navbar elements.

What do you guys think about the pros and cons of each layout and which one would you go with?