usability – How to label resources belonging to users in a two-sided marketplace?

I read great advice on “Your” vs “My” in user interfaces and ‘My Account’ or ‘Your Account’?

But neither deals with the special case of two-sided marketplaces.

Example – airbnb clone

Suppose a user could be both a guest and a host. And suppose the app has separate pages for ‘bookings as a guest’ and ‘bookings as a host’. What should each of these two pages be called? (please assume they’re both linked to from the navbar at top of page).

The best I came up with was ‘Bookings’ for bookings as guest and ‘Bookings-with-you’ for bookings as a host. But I’m not sure if that’s best practice, not too wordy, and still usable.

Note: a misunderstanding could be costly here. Example: if a user checks ‘Bookings’, sees none, and wrongly concludes they have no upcoming bookings (as a host), i.e. the user could accidentally assume that ‘Bookings’ meant ‘Bookings as a host’. Then they could be unprepared for an upcoming booking! (bad outcome)

So there’s some subtlety in the naming that really matters. Any help or advice on this?