Usability – Please help me figure out this search filter interaction to include / exclude (4 options)?

I'm working on a tool that allows users to analyze a report filled with a series of social media posts (mainly Twitter) that relate to a topic they are interested in. In this section, I build something that allows users to search the report (eg, things like text, author, hashtags, etc.) and apply that search as a filter. For example, a user working at Nike might want to search the "Nike Shoes" report he made, which is about Nike, to mention the word "Lebron" to see what people are saying about their latest campaign LeBron James think. You may also want to exclude just the word "Nike" to remove that data and see what else is being mentioned outside of its mark (eg, who many people are talking about for some reason, for some reason, about Adidas + Lebron).

I came up with a few options for an MVP of this feature. My limitations at the moment are that the search / filter function must feel very fast and straightforward, a user can include and exclude text, authors, URLs, and IDs, and that saving / disabling is not possible any of these searches / filters (what the hell are they?) yet.

Here are the 4 options for the controls I've developed so far. In this scenario, a user wants to exclude any posts that contain or contain author @nike from his report view. I will post them on a test page, but I would also like to have feedback here.

Option 1:
A search box A user can choose to include or exclude when he is on an option.

Option 1:

Option 2:
This was actually my first rerun. A search box with a [equals/not not equal] (Could be, is / is not, +/- .. not sure?) Next to the dropdown entrance. The user can click and select whether it is an inclusion or an exclusion from the drop-down list and then search for what he wants.

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Option 3:
A search box All searches are included by default (include / include). If a user wants it to be an exclusion, they can click the "exclude instead" link in the hover.

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Option 4:
Two search fields. The user clicks in the inclusion search box if they want to record something, and in the exclusion search box if they want to be excluded. I actually opted for this option, but got a pushback that was used for a lot of screen space and could probably only be achieved with a search box.

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I would appreciate feedback:

  1. Which option do you think is the most appropriate, or is there a completely different solution you'll miss?
  2. Is there a better search dropdown interaction that I could do with it instead of the flyout under the box? Any inspiring tools or websites with a better pattern?
  3. What's it called? Essentially, temporary filters are created by searching a report that consists of posts that the user has generated by searching a large database of posts. I called it Nachsuchfilter, but: Shrug :!

Many Thanks!