usability – UX: Installment & Payment table

Need your insights regarding Payment details form

  • I have a table for (payment) and other table for (installment) per that payment
  • Payment and installment have different info (more column are needed in instalment) HARd to put a sub table ( expand)

Currently ,Payment table present in the upper section of the form & instalment for that payment type should appear while editing the form ( lower section) after the form

  • TABLE ( payment)
  • (Only appear while editing form)

That mean Istalement table appear only if user edit the payment type, It will be hard to scan those information and user has to remember the info after adding that row.
Considering that user whos filing the form is talking and convincing two clent to concile for a deal.

Hope the info is clear & complete
Thanks for usual support 🙂