usb flash drive – What happens to a Li-Pol battery if it is left on an external charge?

I have an old tablet that I want to use as a permanent display of some data like a weather forecast.

I would like to leave this tablet plugged in permanently. However, it will not turn on when the battery is removed.

I found many articles on tablet operation without a battery, however, there were simple ones considered, and my battery is able to somehow communicate with the tablet.

  • Can I not suffer and leave the battery in the tablet?
  • Will there be overheating and fires?
  • Will a battery operating in this mode be able to prevent an emergency shutdown of the tablet when the charger is powered off (so as not to damage the data in the flash memory)?
  • Does the battery degrade so much that the tablet stops seeing it and won’t turn on even when charging?

This is not specifically about my tablet, but about any randomly selected tablet. A tablet without setting the charge threshold, and so on. I said about my tablet just to explain the reason for the question.