usb – How can I find certified Android devices by Function Flag?

I want to buy a device that has natively implemented. For my work, I need to make WebRTC video calls with an external UVC camera from a mobile device. I see people online saying that most current smartphones do not support this, but some could.

It seems that until Android 9 it was only possible to integrate a UVC library into a custom native app. Native support for external UVC cameras has been introduced in Android 9: According to CDD platforms, this CAN be supported. If so, platform feature flags must be declared and, But it is not a requirement.

What I need is a way to find out which devices natively support external USB cameras. I believe this is partly possible because I saw someone claiming to have counted 63 Google-certified devices that support external cameras, but no indication of where this number came from.

How can I do it?