usb – How to safely use a possible BadUSB?

I have to use a USB stick that introduce itself as a HID device. I’m not sure if it does something fishy behind the scene or not, but I rather to think it’s not safe and take the necessary steps to keep my system safe.

My plan was to use it in a live Linux distribution; However, as mentioned here: How to prevent BadUSB attacks on Linux desktop?

Malicious agent re-flashes a device’s USB controller chip to do something nasty.

So it doesn’t matter if I run it in a live Linux environment, it still is able of infecting the system.

The other option is to use it on a virtual machine, however to do that I have to connect the device to the host and then redirect it to the VM, it still can do whatever it does when I attach it to the system.

So, is there anyway to use it safely?