USB Port slowing down to zero speed when copying files

I am using Ubuntu 20. My seagate drive is connected to the Ubuntu machine via the USB 3 port. I have total 3 traditional USB ports on my laptop. On all three ports I have the same issue – when copying files from Home folder to Seagate, the speed begins at 145 MB/s and then quickly drops to 0 MB/s within just few seconds. It begins copyin files at high speeds then quickly stops copying as the speed closes to zero transfer speed.

So alternatively I installed samba share on this Ubuntu machine and shared my Home folder to my local network.I am able to access Ubuntu Home folder from my windows laptop within the same local network, but when I try to transfer or copy over the files from ubuntu to windows the speed is super slow something like 50 kb/s. It would take forever to copy over large data.

I also tried borrowing a docking station that has the USB C port option to connect to my ubuntu machine. This idea also failed because the speed started high and then quickly dropped to zero speed file transfer.

I also tried installing vmware windows in the ubntu host. I tried accessing the seagate from inside the vm but issue remains the same. the file transfer hangs up and says that large hard disk needed which is something to do with how the vm is ssetup i guess.

Anyways I have run out of ideas on how to backup data from this ubntu machine to external hardd rive. Please advise any ideas