Use Chrome Apps with Brave?

I’ve used Google Chrome for many years, but recently I decided to get off the Google train entirely. To replace Chrome, I decided to use Brave, which made the transition very easy because I can easily import many of the settings (bookmarks and passwords) from Chrome to Brave. Something that amazed me when I found out about it, is that you can use the Chrome Web Store, with Brave, to download extensions… and they will all work with Brave! Well, almost all.

My issue now is that of the extensions I used in Google Chrome, one was Web Server for Chrome, which is actually classified as a “Chrome App”. Out of all the “extensions”, this one is the only that I couldn’t get to work. I can click on the icon all I want, but the app just won’t start.

Is there a setting I’m missing? Or do “apps” not work in Brave like they do in Google Chrome?