user behavior – Are there alternative methods to reducing screen addiction that have been successful?

I was reading an article about the ways that children are getting around Apple’s Screen Time to continue feeding their screen addiction habits. It seems to indicate that trying to make apps engaging/addictive will always counter any efforts to reduce device usage time as it is not really getting to the root cause of the problem, which is the lack of design ethics and consideration for the impact of designing to keep users on the app.

Maybe there’s some research that indicates the different behaviours between adult and children when it comes to Screen Time, and that adults see it as a way to modify their behaviours while children see it as a challenge that they have to overcome.

Should we be getting back to the basics and applying design principles like Calm Technology which encourages us to design applications in a different way? Or has anyone seen some examples of either device related or app related solutions that has been able to create positive screen usage and attitude towards screen addiction.