user behavior – Best practices for long data entry forms

I’d like to know if there is some kind of best practices for this kind of form.

There is a redesign project for a long data-entry form, not only for aesthetics and UX, but there are also some fields that are going to be deleted.
The users are employees, they already know the form and what they have to type in each input.

The form has 2 steps (two separate pages) and is designed in 3 columns, most of the fields are text and dropdowns (some will be changed to radio buttons or checkboxes matching the information).

I added this image as an example, it’s not the actual product.

enter image description here

Given that the user already has physical memory of this task and the goal is aiding its job, should the redesign be subtle? (keep the columns and make small changes) or a bigger one would be better in the long run?

Any other suggestion is appreciated!