user expectation – Minimum generic initial features per SaaS product

We’re developing internal tools in our company, and lately, we have thought about launching them as SaaS products for the general public. The products will be unrelated to one another, and so I’ve started thinking what is the bare minimum that each product must have before launching it. I might even make a template out of it, to help us launch more internal tools as products.

I came up with the following list, and wanted to hear other opinions (something redundant? Something is missing?):

  1. Name (including purchasing a domain for it).
  2. Logo.
  3. Theme.
  1. A main/marketing page.
  2. Terms and conditions.
  3. Privacy Policy.
  4. Pricing page.
  5. Registration page.
  • Screens for logged in users:
  1. Profile (name, company name, email, change password).
  2. Billing page (subscribing/cancel, invoices).
  1. Authentication and authorization.
  2. Billing system.
  3. Web accessibility infrastructure (maybe as a second stage, to speed up the launch).
  4. Support ticketing system (might be done via regular emails at first).