user interface – Laggy Android. I install above 100 apps at LineageOS. How to make Inteface more responsive?

I have phone with 128GB, 6GB RAM, Quad-core, but after install over 100 apps it became laggy. Especially I would like to improve speed of user interface. Phone is rooted, unlocked and encrypted.

I use OS Monitor App and most of the time there is like a 30% of CPU utilisation.
I get rid of some apps that startup with OS boot using Autostarts app but still I am not happy with results.

How to speed interface of Android (LineageOS 17) ? Any other software that could help me?
I realize that I have a some background services like GlassWire and Vigilante, but I don’t think it could get as much as 30% CPU utilisation. I had before Android(MIUI 11) at other phone and I think it became laggy after installing many apps.