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Most beginners wonder how they can make money quickly by trading Bitcoin. They often look for ways to skip learning technical analysis for all coins, leaf through the entire literature, and keep track of all the news in the sphere. The reason why some people hope to skip the pedagogical part of the process is that they see how quickly the market is evolving, and understand that knowing, when examining all aspects of the present state, does not provide the knowledge once acquired will be more relevant.

Many beginner traders are looking for experienced traders, which is a good idea as they save money and get valuable, trusted, first-hand information, provided the trader is honest. While there are opportunities to find the best traders to share their valuable experience with you, there are also opportunities to run into cheaters and lose everything you have invested.

Telegram crypto channels

If you go to Telegram and look for cryptocurrency channels, you will probably be shocked by the crowd. Finding the best cryptosignals in Telegram is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. In my experience, only three out of ten channels that appear real and profitable can actually help make a profit. But what should you do to find them, if you can not afford to buy signals for each channel that seems good enough? The answer is simple: Carefully choose the channels based on the seven most important criteria that will help you to reach the leaders and avoid the scammers.

Criteria for the selection of trustworthy telegram dealers

Statistical analysis. When analyzing a channel that looks good, first review the past. Trace all cryptocurrency trading signals that are available there and see how they have evolved.

The best signals are never free. The moment you accept this simple truth, you are safe from a multitude of scams that might come your way. Millions of people around the world want to make money with cryptocurrency, but not many succeed. There are successful and profitable traders who earn a lot. It is therefore no surprise that they demand a lot for their consulting services.

Communication is the key. The successful purchase and sale of Bitcoin requires a lot of communication with other people in the field. When selecting a telegram group, try talking to your administrators to check their communication quality. Pay attention to the reaction speed, quality, courtesy and accuracy. English proficiency is also very important, as the most valuable messages about cryptocurrency are usually written in English.

Presence of an open chat and / or website. If there is no open chat or website for a channel, avoid it under all circumstances. Imagine that you have no way of expressing your feelings if you are not satisfied with the services you receive after paying for the subscription. Does this seem fair and honest to you? If you do not contact the channel or other users who subscribed to it, it's probably because the administrators are afraid of what you or other users are saying.

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