vampire the masquerade 5e – Acquiring recipes/thin-blood alchemy formulae: Favors or XP?

I am currently playing an on and off again VTM campaign.
I am playing a thin blood character. I have the thin blood alchemy merit. I was wondering: as the merit works differently than disciplines, i.e. a formula or recipe can be written down, could I through the progress of the story trade a boon or service in exchange for a new formula. It seems to make sense to me as these recipes have a cost, and need hoops to be leapt through for some of these ingredients. But for balance, I think it is probably relegated entirely to spending Exp. I would like other peoples’ opinions.

(Just to clarify. I’m not saying if I have level one TB alchemy. I could trade for, awake the sleeper but possibly get my hands on a recipe/formula for haze or far reach.)

In case anyone is interested, I am playing a three-man campaign. I am the only thin blood though.