vba – excel – Extract an URL from hyperlink issue

Have spreadsheet in column A with values

display text = “Site Info”

Hyperlink URLs

Is there a way to the hyperlink values?

Looking for

FORMULA(B1) = “https://mylocation.org/secure/Setup!default.jspa?Key=MDF#/rule/335”
FORMULA(B2) = “https://mylocation.org/secure/Setup!default.jspa?Key=MDF#/rule/337”

Found this VBA

Function GetURL(rng As Range) As String
     On Error Resume Next
     GetURL = rng.Hyperlinks(1).Address 
End Function


Issue is that it works but it returns https://mylocation.org/secure/Setup!default.jspa?Key=MDF# instead of https://mylocation.org/secure/Setup!default.jspa?Key=MDF#/rule/335

stops before the #.

Question: How do I get the entire URL after the #?