video – Recommendations on a phone mount to reduce vibrations for autonomous robot

I need a mount to hold an iPhone while filming POV footage for an autonomous robot. The mount needs to attach to the robot (ideally with a clamp or some sort of adhesive) and ideally, it can reduce the footage being too shaky.

The robot is relatively large and uses skid steering, which causes its movements to be extremely jerky. Below is a photo of a similar robot (not a picture I took – but it is the best one I could find that portrays the scale of the robot. Original image comes from here).

Picture of the robot (someone else's photo)

I tried using this phone holder, but it makes the footage even more unstable.

I looked for phone stabilizers that existed (and I can 3D-print one if needed), but all the gimbal lock ones seem to be hand-held.

I would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!