video streaming – How can I efficiently live stream from multiple cameras to individual streams?

I have a base of low-tech volunteers out there that are wanting to live stream events – simple stuff. They’ve worked out OBS and a Go Pro to stream to YouTube, no worries.

We want to have multiple simultaneous streams – multiple cameras connected to one laptop that provide coverage of different parts of the event. NOT multiple cameras feeding one stream, not one camera to multiple platforms, multiple cameras to multiple streams on the one platform.

The obvious basic solution is to have each camera on its own laptop (or run multiple instances of OBS) with their own stream. This is not an option.

On the other side of the equation I want to embed viewers into our website, I’m hoping the solution to the above will allow me to simply put an html5 player in for each stream to have multiple on the page.

Bonus segment: if I can get it to come to the website via a mixer (so I can overlay data from our database on the stream easily) I’d be very happy.

Google has a bajillion hits on streaming to multiple platforms from one camera, or using multiple cameras in an OBS scene, or reviews on streaming services like Netflix (because that’s obviously the same thing, right…). I found one or two articles about ffmpeg that were highly technical and way beyond the ability of the people at an event. Has anyone succeeded in achieving what I’m after? I really don’t care who the intermediate streaming service is as long as I can embed the stream on our site.