views – Entity print theming

I am facing an issue with the Entity print module.

I have a view which is supposed to print articles. I want 2 different layouts for the PDF and for that I have created 2 different displays in the view.

Now I want to create custom template files for each display in order to have 2 different layouts and I want to use fields.

The entity-print.html.twig and entity-print--view.html.twig can be used, but I didn’t manage to show fields using those template files.

The only thing that I managed to get results from is the snippet below:

  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>{{ title }}</title>
  {{ entity_print_css }}
  <div class="page">
   {{ content }}

I would like something like entity-print--<displayname>.html.twig in order to create the different PDF layouts.

What is the naming convention for having different twig files for different view displays?

Additionally, printing just {{ content }} does not fulfill my requirement.

How can I print fields in entity-print twig files?

Theming views using the naming conventions as described in documentation works (of course) for the html output of the view, but it does not affect the generated pdf.

Thanks in advance