virtual reality – Unity emptied my Desktop and Downloads folder (MacOS)

There’s nothing left in iCloud Drive or Trash bin. I’m not in freak out mode, but I have a huge amount of work that got completely glassed from my computer.

(I’m using Big Sur 11.2.3)

I am a total noob with Unity and am experimenting with Google VR/Cardboard SDK. My “build” command wasn’t opening Xcode up, so I just tried it a few times, using my Desktop and Downloads folders as targets without thinking too hard about it. After all, this is just the demo game that I’ll delete when I get it working. Well, I look to open the newly created Xcode workspace, and both my Desktop and Downloads folders are totally wiped—nothing in trash or in my iCloud backup.

I’m honestly more curious than anything at this point—but I do have 100’s of hours of work that got deleted, so if I didn’t happen to have backups, I could be totally screwed. Does anyone know what could’ve happened here?