virtual reality – Unity XR Ray / Line renderer on the floor

When using Unity’s XR system, the teleport ray / line renderer I’m stuck on the floor. Turning the XR rig also turns the line, so the line is stuck on 0,0,0 on the XR Rig

I’ve played with most settings but can’t find why the line isn’t being translated to the action based controllers position. Using Debug.Log shows the action based position from the controller is correct.

I’m following LevelUp’s tutorial on how to create a grab and teleport manager to enable having several action based XR controllers at once.

Disabling the other XR Controller (Action-Based) controllers seems to resolve the issue but I need them enabled to be able to teleport and grab with the same controller.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any tips on troubleshooting or reasons for why this would happen?

enter image description here

enter image description here