virtualbox – Match linux kernel headers / kernel version? 4.9.0-5-amd64 kernel / 4.9.0-11 headers — guestadditions vbox

I am guessing that a new thing with Virtual Box / vbox version 6.14 is the insistence that

The running kernel and the kernel header files must be updated to matching versions.


The problem I have is that the kernel version of the Debian distro that I have been using fine in other virtual machines is 4.9.0-5-amd64 (kernel) but the header files, which came with the distro, are 4.9.0-11 (headers).

Now I am trying to install guest additions but the VBoxLin…. etc script won’t run because it says that the header and distro versions must match. I have previously installed the exact same distro with VBox version 6.12 with no problem.

So I have searched for kernal header files – ultimately searching

but cannot fin the headers anywhere – the closest that I can find in the snapshot is 4.9.0-rc5

so I think my solution may be to try to find VBox 6.12, but not sure.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

This is a distillation of question here

Maybe I should have updated the old question, but the question is much more specific now having had help on the previous one that I thought it might be useful to post a fresh question.

For info the distro is chrunchbangplusplus and I have used it with vbox successfully with multiple host operating systems for several years with close to zero issues.. hosts have included windows 10 and MacOS high sierra, mojave and now attempting to install on Catalina…