virtualization – Does Microsoft implement “Windows Defender”-like security for WSL 2 instances?

I’m not certain whether WSL 2 instances, running in Hyper-V, are actually scanned by Windows Defender.

I have found some articles on Google describing Window Defender’s performance impact on WSL, but they are not mentioning whether they are talking about WSL 1 or WSL 2.

Indeed, it’s possible for Windows Defender to scan WSL 1 instances, since they aare user-space processes running in Windows, and their file systems are rooted at folders (e.g. C:pathtowsl1dist)

However, does Microsoft implement any “Windows Defender”-like security for WSL 2 instances?

Indeed, Windows Defender running in Windows cannot scan WSL 2 instances, since they are both running in Hyper-V. So, does Microsoft run any “Windows Defender”-like process in WSL 2 instances? Does Hyper-V perform any kind of monitoring of WSL 2 instances?