virus – How to Detect Boot Sector and UEFI obfuscated Malware & Disenfect my System?

Recently Ive been Targeted by an APT Group Ninjas just because of a mistake I made. despite the reason of this happening They’ve been on my Network and Devices for a long time and Im devistated trying hard to research and remove their Advanced Persistant Malware and Track their Footprints and Techniques Im not an expert in forensics I lack knowledge in alot of stuff Im still learning and growing. Noone seems to belive me or help me I recently bought Malwarebytes Premium and started hardening it on every device it started detecting and blocking patterns and Defensive Evasion Techniques Labeled as APT Behaviour I remember it was something like T501 or something like that I can double check because I made a screen shot. I wiped my PC, And reinstalled windows a couple of times And I can sense they are getting in again. Bought a new router from Ubiquity and improved the security in my network but still. Please Im devistated I cant sleep, I cant focus and I cant perform at work I feel horrified and desperate.