visas – Can these serve as ties to home Country for Canada TRV?

I have this concern.
I was denied visas to canada twice on grounds that i was not going to return based on travel history. I was not married then, and I did not have travel history. I had a good job.

Now things changed I have some upgrades, now i want to try Canada once more.

  • I have since been to 2 Neighbouring Countries here in West Africa, Have the stamps in my international Passport
  • I am Married, Just got married (No child)
  • I have a job here in Nigeria (I work in a financial Institution)
  • I have a small business of Real Estate
  • I have some properties handed over to me by my Father. (Landed Properties, houses etc)

Now I have a Question, Can these serve as a tie or ties to home country? I need advices here