vlc – ip camera rtsp just capture all traffic to file

I have rtsp ip camera. VLC can connect and picture quality is great. I’m using HD1080 and max. streaming 8096kbps. It is basically 1MB/s of ethernet transfer. but when I want VLC (on mac os) caputure to file, I cannot find any h264 settings where it will capture without being very laggy or even with wrong time information in file. CPU usage is around 350% (by top command in terminal).

But I don’t care about file size, my PC and my network is 100000% capable of downloading file with 1MB/s speed so can I somehow just store all data coming from rtsp stream to file and then just play that file in VLC? So no encoding -> that should work great on my i5 macbook right? But I just cannot find any good settings in VLC to do that. Camera is reoling rlc-410w and address is rtsp://admin:passswd12345@ thank you for your help!