vlc media player – VLC Video playback stuttering – 1440p content on latest hardware

I’m playing a 1440p@30fps mp4 file directly created by a Mavic Mini using standard VLC (no special configuration) on a Ryzen 3600 / GTX 1050 / 32GB ram / SSD drive.

The video is a very smooth pan from left to right and therefore it makes it very easy to notice stuttering. Every time I start the video I notice a very weird stuttering that looks like frames are dropped or delayed. This will mostly likely disappear if I replay the same content without closing VLC and will comeback if I close VLC and replay the same video again, but sometimes it works well. The glitches are not necessarily on the same frames every time. CPU and GPU usage is always very low every time the content plays. Windows video player works flawless with the same content.

In order to try and understand better what is happening I created a screen capture at 60 fps of my desktop (using OBS) while the video was playing. This then lets me playback frame by frame the full view of my monitor at the time of the problematic playback. My expectation is to get one new video frame every other desktop frame. It turns out that no frame is missing but at some point I start getting 2 or 3 new video frames one after the other at 60fps followed by a pause with 2 or 3 similar video frames. If I play in real time these groups happen exactly when I see the stuttering.

I also tried increasing the buffer setting in VLC but the issue is the exact same at 300ms, 1000ms or 3000ms.

Any insight on ways to fix this issue with VLC is welcome. Thanks.