VM-images: how protect time-license programs?

One big customer asked me to supply my program to run within a balanced VM-images structure; I mean, the program will be recorded into an image which will be launched in "instances" to process a huge amount of data. So, we will have the same "image" running sometimes in 10 VM’s (instances), sometimes in 100 VM.

My software has its license protected by "execution counter" and also by "expiration date".

My problem: how control the license once all VM’s are based on a single "already installed" environment and the client does not allow any communication to the internet to get DateTime or even to write an execution-counter log?

I’m worried also that each VM may not be eligible to update its datetime accordingly. So, in the worst scenario, all VM’s start with the same datetime and the same "launch counter".

Do you have any idea to solve that problem?

Thanks in advance!