vmware esxi – Unable to delete partition 2 from device /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91

i have a disk on ESXI, i am trying to delete the partitions that are on it, this is what i did :

partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 1
partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 3 
partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 4

Everything was working fine, i do the same thing with the coredump partition :

 partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 9 

when i go to check the parition list :

#partedUtil get /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91
145921 255 63 2344225968
2 7086080 15472639 0 0

Now the problem is with this partition, when i try to delete it this is what i am getting :

#partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 2
Error: Read-only file system during write on /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91
Unable to delete partition 2 from device /dev/disks/naa.50000398b8497b91 

I spent hours and hours searching for the solution, but i found nothing, any help, please ?