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Hello and welcome to my thread on my forums page, VoxGrid!

If you would like to read the latest announcement, please click
(19th August: Modernised features update from PMs to Hovercards!)

What is VoxGrid?
VoxGrid is a general discussion forums page. The name is made of 2 parts. Vox meaning voice in Latin and Grid representing a network. There are 5 sections *:
Gamer Lounge: Gamers and gaming enthusiasts can post here. I have included dedicated sections to some popular games and areas.

Technology Zone: There are dedicated categories within here for technology, from Coding to forum software and more,

Film Studio: This can range from Movies to TV but I’ve included a video-editing section too and some more

Arts Room: Ranging from GFX to Music to Art

Knowledge section: I’ve divided this up into interests/knowledge and a study section.
*In the future, I will make more categories and overtime, I will add more dedicated categories within each section depending on the feedback I receive.

How do I join?
It’s very simple! Just go to VoxGrid’s URL and go to the top right or click the announcement’s hyperlink. From there, you are prompted to a registration process that should take 1 minute. And after activating your account, you are a registered member on VoxGrid! :)

How many members and posts are there on VoxGrid?
At the moment, there are 500+ members with over 2000 threads and 7000+ posts. I have and will continue to be posting regularly on the page in a hope to spark up some discussion too. We also have an Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/voxgrid) with over 900 followers and rising!

What forum software does VoxGrid use?
We use MyBB, a free open-source software. I love this software and considering I don’t have the money to spend on more advanced ones like Xenforo or VBulletin, it’s so great that there is software that I can use for free to build up my site. Who knows, maybe in the future if I do get funds/donations, I may move to another software. But for now, I am very happy with MyBB, the support they provide and the vast amount of resources available. Everything I used on my website was free (except webhosting). The only cost was my time which I am more than happy to use towards making a page that all my members can enjoy.

What features do VoxGrid have?
We have a categories and forums for everything users want to discuss. You can pretty much talk about anything on there and there is room to expand in the future. I am going to make my YouTube Banner templates available to download on my site for FREE to all registered members (I will showcase the templates on my YouTube channel _B_ and the link to that is above). Will also be providing MyBB tutorials in some areas too. This is to give VoxGrid members a template to use for their YouTube channels to boost it a bit with some channel art which will really help the look of the channel! We also have an awards system. Users can gain these through various ways such as through being a staff member, winning a giveaway, reaching a milestone (like 100 posts or 50 reputation) or just randomly lol. I will be creating more awards as time goes by. I’ve even included a live cryptocurrency widget on the side. We also use a groups promotion system that is based on the amounts of posts that you have created. When you reach a certain amount of posts, you will get a new rank, each one with more perks. I am also extremely active on the site, posting and responding wherever I can and engaging with all the users on the site.

So… now what?
You’ve finished reading my thread which I’m very grateful for. Thank you for that. If you want to find out more, then please visit the website and if you like it, maybe even join it and help the website out through posts and threads. This would be much appreciated and I would be so thankful for that. if you really like my website and want to show that, please consider leaving a donation on my site here (Paypal only). These will really help with the web hosting costs and the amount of development and time I have put in towards creating a website that I hope is of high quality. Please remember that any amount of donation is much appreciated and that you do not have to donate to access my website. Joining VoxGrid is completely FREE!

Please remember to leave some feedback and suggestions. I will take the time to read and respond to all feedback and suggestions that I get left as this helps me greatly in establishing a way forward and a plan on what to do next. If you can, you could also join my Discord server or add me on Discord (BDON33#0691) where I will be more active and open to response. VoxGrid is a work in progress still and yes it still needs a bit of tweaking and fixing in places. I will posts any major updates on my announcements page on VoxGrid, my Discord server, emails and will keep this thread active and edit it at times if anything changes or if there is any news for VoxGrid.

I hope to see some of you guys on VoxGrid and will keep my presence on Forum Promotion active too.
Thank you, take care and stay safe!