vpn – What could prevent the installation of this certificate?

Accessing our Azure VMs over a VPN requires a certificate to be installed on client computers that require access. I could install it on another laptop, but I can not install it on my own Windows 8 desktop.

When I try to double-click the certificate and install it using the dialog box, the password is displayed incorrectly. I had someone who tested it on another computer and they said they could install it. I have several certificates installed on my own computer in the past and am an administrator both in the domain and on the local machine. I do not think this is related to a security issue.

Edit: I found something about a problem logged in via Terminal Services with an account that does not have a profile on the local computer. Although my account has a profile on the local machine, I've just tried to create a new local administrator account on the computer and sign in with it, but that did not work either.

I have no idea what else could possibly cause the password to be incorrect (although it is clearly correct and has been tested on several other computers). My Google searches did not do anything useful.

Does anyone have an idea here?

(And yes, I've tried multiple times to copy the password and enter it manually, and made sure there are no leading / trailing spaces in the input.)