Want to Colocate or Rent a Raspberry Pi? LowEndTalk Member Provides a Guide

Raspberry PiAre you interested in colocating a Raspberry Pi, or renting one for hosting? LowEndTalk member @MarkLuun has put together a list of providers that offer these services:


Why host on a Raspberry Pi?  It’s not only a cheap dedicated server but also a good way to play with ARM systems.  While any Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen is going to run circles around the lowly Pi, the ability to get a dedicated server for $2.50 a month (at DataIdeas) is pretty cool.

Some people crave isolation or want to run processes 24×7 without being dinged by providers for burning too much CPU.  Looking at DataIdeas, some of the larger Pis servers can be hosted for $10 a month or less, and there you’re getting a quadcore processor with 4GB of RAM, a nice chunk of disk (e.g., 256GB), unmetered bandwidth, and both ipv4 and ipv6.  If you want isolation, a Raspberry Pi as a cheap dedicated server can be attractive.

DataIdeas is just one host in this market.  @MarkLuun’s list has nearly three dozen colo offers and a dozen rentals in many different geographies so if this is something you’re interested in, start shopping around and use @MarkLuun’s list as a guide.



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