weapons – Do ‘light hammers’, as depicted in D&D, being throwable have any historical precedent?

I’ve been trying to find a ‘realistic’ or at least believable depiction of a light throwing hammer, that would be the equivalent to the ‘Light Hammer’ in D&D 5E (which has the thrown property).

When I go looking for throwing hammers, I either get the sports item that resembled a ball and chain, or I get a large two handed warhammers, or more references to D&D/Role-Playing games.

The first time I remember seeing the ‘light hammer’ is in the 3.5e handbook, which looks completely unthrowable.

various bludgeoning weapons as depicted in the 3.5e player's handbook, with the light hammer circled

The reason I say that, is that the bit that it meant to hurt the opponent is also the heavy part that the handle would spin around.

So, is throwing a held hammer (not the sports item that resembles a Meteor Hammer, nor a throwing stick like a Rungu or Iwisa) something that D&D has picked up from historical precedent, or was it added apropos of nothing?