web api – How can I get user achievements in various applications using the Google API?

In my application, I want to make a function to track all the activity in various user games. I want to track user activity using achievements in games. I studied the reference materials (API) of the play game service and found a method for getting user achievements only from my application (screenshot 1), but I did not find any methods for viewing achievements in third-party applications. I had to try out another method of tracking achievements..

Any user in https://myaccount.google.com/data-and-personalization he can download the data of his account, where, among other things, there is data from the play games service, after downloading which we get our achievements in the Play Games service. Using the API and the user’s permission, I wanted to get a management token for the necessary service and use it to extract this data from user accounts. In this situation, I did not find the necessary service among this list (screenshot 2).

Do you know any other ways to get user achievements using the google API?enter image description hereenter image description here