web app – How to handle 2 side navigation bars on a web app

I’m working on a web app that can briefly be described as the following. Every page has a table, and there’s a primary side navigation bar that allows users to jump from one page (table) to another. This bar can be used while it’s minimized as it shows the icon of each section and when users hover on an icon, a tooltip shows up.

table with minimized primary side navigation bar

At the same time, users can expand the bar so they can see the name of each section next to its corresponding icon at all times.

table with expanded primary side navigation bar

This bar was designed like this to allow users to have more space while working on the table by minimizing the bar, while also giving them the option to see clearly the name of each section by expanding it in case they are not that well familiar with the icons yet, and they don’t want to guess what section does an icon represent by hovering to see whether the tooltip is the right one or not?

Now, we would like to add a secondary side navigation bar where we can categorize the table information into folders.

table with 2 expanded side navigation bars

Is it a wise decision to give users control over which side navigation bar they want to be minimized and which they want to be expanded? Or should I minimize the primary bar at all times while keeping the secondary expanded?