web application – String UPDATE getting removed from web text entry box

My Credit Card Company recently asked me to “update” my Account Profile to include an email address, Hence I “updated” my Account Profile. This resulted in a Service Request being created and a Customer Support Agent was supposed to call me to verify and commit the email address to my Account Profile. Strangely, this Service Request was silently deleted after 2 Days, without resolution.

I retried to update my Account Profile and again, the new Service Request was deleted silently.

So I decided to raise a Service request to enquire what was going on. In the web text entry box given, I typed out the issue which included the word “update” and created the Service Request. Later when I viewed it, this word was missing; I thought I had made a typo and added a comment about the missing word; Strangely, this comment was also missing that word UPDATE or rather replacing that with a space. In order to circumvent the regex match-and-substitute, I split the word with spaces which naturally did not disappear. ScreenShot attached shows the Interactions in reverse order.

Question 1: What Security Threat is the Credit Card Company avoiding by removing certain words in the web text entry box ?
Question 2: Could this be the same reason why the email “UPDATE” Service Request is getting deleted ?


My thoughts about this are: This “Security Measure” inconveniences the users. It is a false sense of Security. Interactions comments should not be mangled. Instead, these comments should be marked unsafe and stored in some other DB Server.