web development – How should I handle software requirements as a developer?

I’m also not sure whether this is the right place, but it’s certainly a common situation that you encounter as a software engineer.

The key is communication. Don’t view this as a one way street where requirements flow from the BA to devs. If something isn’t clear or seems to be too difficult or even impossible, TALK! Talk to the BA, talk to your colleagues, talk to your manager. Don’t just complain that you were given an impossible task, but work on clarifying the requirements, possibly suggesting that they need to be changed to be conflict free, complete, and possible to implement. Part of your task as a dev is to think about and understand what’s required, not simply let the BA do the thinking. It might turn out that you’re missing some skills and experience, which would mean an opportunity to learn. It might also be possible that the BA didn’t fully understand the business requirement and wrote a confused feature request. The only way to find out is to talk.