Webhost won’t release domains | Web Hosting Talk

I signed up for an account at GreenGeeks 3 months ago because they promised unlimited domains and unlimited webspace. Of course I know there are limitations to ‘unlimited’ but I didn’t expect to get an inode warning during transfer of my fifth domain. They have NO information what so ever on this limitation on their sales page so I contacted support and they simply told me there was only one thing left to do – upgrade of course!

I decided to find another hosting company but 2 days later I got a mail saying they had closed my account. Before that I did get an auth code for one of my domains but they blocked the transfer even though the domain status was OK and thus free to move. Trying to get auth codes for the 4 remaining domains was futile. They simply blocked the chat and closed all tickets. No communication. They hi-jacked my domains.

Now I am trying to find out what I can do. Have you tried something similar or do you have any idea what to do?