website design – UI / UX alternative to a Dashboard, with more functions?

We have an app that works in two separate pages. It involves sharing content and presenting information with other users. The secondary, optional (but highly recommended) page is called a dashboard. From this there are metrics which show user connection status, and whether they have submitted requests for certain things, etc. Visually, it presents a quick way to see the status of all users.

So far, it’s clearly a dashboard. However, from this dashboard there is also the option to do actions like chat, edit, assign groups, etc. This seems to be going beyond a typical dashboard’s remit of presenting data. We don’t want to confuse users or make them miss features by limiting the second page to only a ‘dashboard’.

So my questions are:

  1. is there a better name for this UI/UX element than ‘Dashboard’?
  2. am I misguided in thinking a dashboard is just for viewing information, not carrying out actions/tasks?

Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated. Redesigning the app to separate data visualization features from action features is not possible.