website design – What term denotes “respecting dark and light themes”?

If my website displays appropriately on a wide variety of screen sizes, I would say, “My website is responsive.”

In a similar spirit, if my website respects the user’s choice of light theme vs dark theme and displays differently in accordance with that, I would like to say, “My website is ____.” What word can I fill in this blank?

There is some nuance here in terms of how I let the user choose the theme. I can either add a toggle on my website that the user can click, or I can infer the preference from the User-Agent (@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark)). Let me know if the term only applies to one of these situations, or if there are different terms for these two situations.

If there isn’t a term specifically for light vs dark, is there a more general term that says that my website displays differently based on something other than just size.