What approaches are standard for ‘healthcheck’ monitoring of frontends?

A problem I’m currently solving is that at a glance I want to see the status of various services, including both frontends and backends, across dev, test and prod environments.

That is, I want to see:

  • Is the service running?
  • What version of the service is running?
    • ie. A semvar
    • Latest commit hash
  • What features is this service running? (eg. the sem ver of key dependencies)

It occurs to me that I can expose this information via:

  • A /healthcheck endpoint for a REST API
  • In either a meta tag or a script tag in the document head for a frontend.

That is – I poll each of my frontends say every minute, and retrieve the information about them, and display on my dashboard.

This question questions the the security concerns around that (leaking information) – but presumably any concerns can be alleviated by hashing the information with public key + a salt.

My question is – I feel like this must be a fairly standard kind of problem mature organisations solve – what is the standard solution? Is it out of the box tooling? Are they putting info in a script tag? Not putting that data on the FE at all – and instead looking at deploy logs?

Where I’m at is that I don’t want to go reinventing the wheel – but at the same time, putting this info into a metatag doesn’t sound especially cumbersome.