What causes Libras to behave narcissistically?

I do not know about narcissists that my Aquarius brother is much more daffodils than my Libra buddy. They do not treat anyone they like so much. You have to be on your own page. I do not do libras when they are done. I've never met someone twice before with a balance because it's so bad. They have 2 scales, if they are tilted, it quickly becomes ugly.

@YourCat All I know is that when a balance is played, they are serious. You must have done something to earn it. My buddy and I get along, but I saw him crazy and it's not pretty. He's straight to the point and does not beat around the bush. He does not do the nice act. What's your bday? I think Sept Libras and after the 20th are not as aggressive as the real ones.